Support MU

Over the years, the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (Metropolitan University) has been honored to have the enthusiastic support of its friends, partners and alumni who share the same vision as Metropolitan University to provide quality higher education for eager students. In addition to implementing various funding schemes, our school also strengthens the relationship with the Hong Kong business community and good people through employee training programs. 

As a self-financing institution, Metropolitan University relies on the generous support of people from all walks of life in terms of campus development and tuition assistance, so that it can provide students with a well-equipped learning environment and assist students in financial need. Different funding programs include scholarship and bursary schemes, donations to improve campus facilities and strengthen research capabilities in different academic fields, and more.

We look forward to bringing together friendly and generous support from all parties to help Hong Kong Metropolitan University obtain more resources to promote the long-term development of the University. Your enthusiastic support will lead the school to achieve better results and reach new heights in the future.